Smart Sense is focused on the enhancement and enrichment of China through projects that deliver technological, cultural, artistic and environmental change. Our team is the key to our success, and with our diverse backgrounds and experience, together we drive change. Our mission is to help the best foreign companies come to China and grow in the world’s largest market.

We also believe actions speak louder than words, and in helping companies come to China we provide a full ranges of services, including:

  • Investment funding
  • Fast company set-up
  • Licensing & access to the China market
  • Revenue generation
  • Banking arrangements for importing/exporting funds
  • Market analysis and customer insights
  • Strategic partner formation
  • Sales channel development
  • National marketing campaign strategies
  • Social media campaign strategies
  • Product prototype development strategies
  • New product security
  • Localization services including:
    • Real estate readiness (contracts, licenses, utilities)
    • Business operations (IT, HR, legal, accounting, purchasing)
    • Foreigner visas
    • Negotiation of tax incentives
    • Website set-up